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The Rogue River
The Rogue River received national recognition in 1968 when 84 miles of this remarkable stream were included in the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act." Provisions of the Act protect the outstanding scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife values, as well as the historic and cultural values of this stream for generations to come.

One of the few rivers in Oregon that offers salmon and steelhead year round, the Rogue River is famous for 20-pounders, the kind of fish that can get your heart and your arms aching. You can also catch Chinook and Coho salmon, steelhead, brown trout, cutthroat, golden trout, catfish and, in the lower part of the river, sturgeon.

For information on fishing, hunting and wildlife licensing in Oregon, please visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Rogue River Runs
  • January through March: Winter steelhead are averaging seven to ten pounds.
  • April through September: The river is full of spring and fall Chinook salmon. The average weight is 20 pounds, with some huge lunkers mixed in the runs.
  • June through December: Summer steelhead are in the river weighing four to six pounds on the average and ready for a good fight.
  • October through November: There's a light run of Coho Salmon moving up the river with fish averaging about 8 pounds. 
The Applegate River
The Applegate River originates and flows through the Applegate Valley in the Rogue River National Forest. Different species of fish, such as silver and Chinook salmon and steelhead, spawn and are reared in the Applegate River before making their way to the ocean via the Rogue River. January 1 through March 31, the Applegate offers excellent fishing for steelhead averaging five to eight pounds. The river is open for all fishing from January through March. The river is closed to fishing April 1 through the last Saturday in May. It re-opens to only trout fishing through December 31st. There is no salmon fishing from April 1st through December 31st. 

Lake Selmac
The state’s record largemouth bass was brought out of this lake in the Illinois Valley. Open year-round, Lake Selmac is designated as a trophy bass lake by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. In addition to bass, the lake offers trout, crappie, bluegill, and bullheads. Peak time for bass and trout is March through August.  Visit the Josephine County website for more information about Lake Selmac.

Lost Creek Reservoir
A short drive up Highway 62, you'll find a large fishery that is open year-round. The fishery produces trout, land locked salmon, steelhead, largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill. March through September will provide the best results for bass and trout. 

Illinois River
Out in the Illinois Valley by Cave Junction and Selma, you will find the Illinois River. This beautiful river is one of the two main tributaries of the Rogue, the other being the Applegate. January through March, the river flows with bright steelhead approximately 10 to 14 pounds. This river is closed to salmon fishing. 

Fishing Guides
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