Experience nature’s playground in Grants Pass.

There are countless adventures awaiting at every turn. Whether you’re a cyclist, a hiker, a rafter, a fisher or even a sunbather, we encourage you to spend time exploring the great outdoors. From the moment you enter Grants Pass, you will see breathtaking beauty. The mountains and valleys surround us, the Rogue River runs right through the town, trees and flowers splatter color all around and you’ll often catch glimpses of wildlife, from deer crossing the road to ospreys and eagles flying over you. This city is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of any kind.  


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If you plan on boating any sections of the Rogue River without a guide, you should have sufficient knowledge and skills to read water and navigate rapids up to a class III rapid. The rapids of note in this section are Dunn Riffle, Upper Galice, Lower Galice, Chair, Widowmaker, Alameda and Argo. Before your first trip down the river, we strongly recommend that you download a copy of the Rogue River Water Trail Map, a comprehensive guide to the Rogue River from Lost Creek Dam to Grave Creek.  

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For further information about the Rogue River, please contact the Smullin Visitor Center at Rand by calling 541.479.3735.