Historic District


Historic District Buildings

A partial listing of the most significant historic buildings


Newman United Methodist Church 1890 - NE Sixth and B Streets
The sanctuary building, built from a kit, is still in use. The first gym in Grants Pass was built behind the sanctuary in 1920. It was demolished during the church restoration in 1980.


Josephine County Courthouse 1916 - 500 NW 6th Street
The building has been added to many times. The extensions on both ends of the sixth street frontage were added in the late 60's/early 70's.


The Redwoods Hotel 1926 - 306 NW 6th Street
A six-story structure built at a cost of $120,000. It celebrated the 1926 opening of the Redwood Hwy through Grants Pass. The hotel had a smaller building, where the parking lot is now, that burned and was razed.


Hotel Josephine Annex 1905 - 118 NW E Street
It contained sample rooms for traveling salesmen to show their wares. It was acquired by the Redwoods Hotel in 1925 and now houses Ma Mosa’s Restaurant.


The Albert Building 1909 - 220 NW Sixth Street
The building has housed retail and office space since its beginning.


White House Grocery 1895 - 214 NW Sixth Street
The building was inhabited by Rexall Drug stores from 1910 through the 1950's. There have been many building owners and renters in recent years. Currently occupied by Off The Map Tattoo.


First National Bank Building 1890 - 208 NW Sixth Street
Victorian eclectic architecture. In the early days, the building was a bank, then a pharmacy and for the last 25 years, The Old Town Marketplace.


Grants Pass Post Office 1935 - 132 NW Sixth Street
The Post Office was built as a WPA project, which put out-of-work people to work. Louis Bence, a well-known artist, painted the murals inside the building. The cost of the building was $86,993.


Sauer & Fenner Building 1894 - 111 SW G Street
Single story brick building. Originally a department store, then a tavern for many years and now houses Fiona Bean.


George Hansen Building 1894 - 117 SW G Street
Originally a dry goods store. Home of Blind George’s since 1960.


Schmidt Cigar Store 1894 - 121 SW G Street
Historically, the Pastime Tavern. Currently a popular restaurant- the Laughing Clam. A focal point is the antique bar. It is often a venue for live music.


Dixon's Dry Goods 1894 - 125 SW G Street
The building became Smith's Variety Store from 1913 until 1970. It was considered a prime business on G Street. It has housed, Never a Bum Steer, since 1984.


Joseph Scott Building 1894 - 129-133 SW G Street
The structure was built to accommodate three separate businesses which are currently Tierra Del Sol, Eco Tots, and Norris Shoes.


Booth-Cornell Grocery 1894 - 137-139 SW G Street
The existence of a grocery store on the city's earliest commercial street illustrates a typical business that catered to railroad traffic, as well as local people. Currently, The Frame Shop and G Street Marketplace.


Kienlen-Harbeck Building 1900 - 147 SW G Street
A prominent downtown building, listed on the National Registry in 1982, originally a meat market and restaurant, now the Oregon Outpost.


Palace Hotel 1900 - 201 SW G Street
Operated as a downtown hotel for many years, later became Little Italy Restaurant, now Don’s Bike Shop.


Kessler-Harper Building 1900 - 209 -211 SW G Street
Joseph Harper and family were in the carpentry, building, and electric businesses at this location and also on Sixth Street. They were on G Street through the 50's. Currently, The Menagerie and Black Horse Boutique.


Kesterson Building 1905 - 229 SW G Street
Originally Star Seed and Feed. Now occupied by the Grants Pass Museum of Art and Rebel Bricks.


The Wade Building 1894 - 233 SW G Street
E. A. Wade built this 2-story brick building on G Street, which was then referred to as Main Street. Now home to The Bohemian.


Chiles/City Market Building 1902 - 241 SW G Street
Circle J is situated where a historic saloon of the 1890's once stood. In keeping with “no alcohol” during prohibition, a grocery store and meat market opened. It has been through several conversions.


Grants Pass Brewery 1902 - 509 SW G Street
Business at the brewery was at its peak when prohibition ceased their operation in 1908. It became a busy restaurant from 1976 to about 2010. It is currently Climate City, a brewery/restaurant.


Grants Pass City Hall (Old) 1912 - 214 SW 4th Street
Renaissance style brick building. Originally Grants Pass City Hall, then a fire station, now the building houses the Small Business Development Center and Firehouse Gallery.


Grants Pass Steam Laundry 1903 - 234 SW 5th Street
Originally a steam laundry, later became Rogue Gold Cheese Factory and retail shop, now a restaurant, The Horny Goat.


Rogue River Hardware Tin Shop 1904 - 128 SW H Street
The building is currently Sunshine Natural Foods. The west exterior wall of the building boasts a historic Owl Cigar/Bull Durham Sign painted sometime between 1911 and 1930.


Sherer-Judson Building 1889 - 220-224 SW Sixth Street
The oldest building in the historic district. It is divided by an interior stairwell. The south half was occupied by various businesses. The north half was a hardware store, and then Blue Moon Antiques.


Owl Billiard Parlor 1905 - 125 SE G Street
The Owl Club was one of the longest-running businesses in downtown Grants Pass, formerly owned by a major league baseball player. Currently home to G Street Bar and Grill.


Tailor Shop 1900 - 221-227 SE Sixth Street
Formerly occupied by longtime businesses Art Craft Camera and Excel Dress Shop. Occupied now for many years by King Jewelers and Rosso’s Trattoria. Major facade rehabilitation in the early 2000’s.


IOOF Hall 1897 - 301 SE Sixth Street
The IOOF Hall is on the upper level. McLain’s Drug Store occupied the ground floor for many years where The Kitchen Company is now located. Large mural added to the H Street side around 2010.


Rogue Theatre 1938 - 143 SE H Street
Classic Art Deco architecture with original neon marquee still intact. Added to the National Historic Register in 2005. Built in 1938 as the most ultra modern motion picture theater in town.


Rogue River Hardware 1890 - 324 SW 6th Street
Rogue River Hardware was the main hardware store downtown for decades, through the 1980’s. Now home to the Old Town Antique Mall.


Rowell Building 1923 - 328 SW Sixth Street
Originally a hardware store, it became McGregor’s Variety Store from the
1940’s-1980’s. Currently houses American Vintage and Rusty Nugget.


Calvert & Paddock Building 1908 - 321-331 SE Sixth Street
Built as hardware and general merchandise store. It was Pioneer Hardware in late '40's; Mock's Ford in the 50's. Woolworth's purchased the building in 1959 for their business.


Smith Carnahan House 1908 - 139 SW I Street
National Registry of Historic Places 1983. It is a large brick home, originally
landscaped in the English style as per the Smith's homeland. They owned a prime business on G Street.


Grants Pass Pharmacy 1900 - 414 SW 4th Street
Continuously occupied by Grants Pass Pharmacy from 1904 through today, it is the only locally owned pharmacy in Grants Pass. It is popular and notable for its antique soda fountain, which is still in operation.


Traveler's Hotel 1890 - 421- 425 SE 6th Street
Located in the original town site, it housed a hotel for many years. Currently home to the Cowboy Corral.


Schmidt House 1901 - 508 SW 5th Street
Owned by Josephine County Historical Society. It was a family home until the 1980's. Daughters Anna and Flora lived out their lives there. It is open at special times for viewing items of the period.