2018 16th Annual


October 6th & 7th 2018

Friday, Oct 5


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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The John Dough Boys are a ruckus inducing 5 piece string band formed in Southern Oregon. East met west, punk met bluegrass, and rock met folk, giving birth to a host of fast paced, foot stomping songs about women, beer, and bad decisions. The lineup includes upright slap bass, drums, fiddle, guitar, and banjo.Their aggressive live sound is infectious, and is sure to leave any one who witnesses it wanting more.


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

ZEPDRIX is a homage to the music of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix,“tipping the hat” to this iconic music and interpreting it with an original flair.

Jeff Pevar is a renowned Guitarist, & Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Songwriter, Session Musician who was inducted into the NY Blues Hall Of Fame in 2016. Pevar, originally from the East Coast, lived in Manhattan for 10 years, then moved to the the LA area, and now the Rogue Valley where he continues to work steadily as an innovative and soulful Guitarist & Session Musician. Pevar has toured extensively with many, including Ray Charles, Rickie Lee Jones, Jefferson Starship, Marc Cohn, Joe Cocker, Crosby Stills & Nash, Rickie Lee Jones, David Foster, & many more. His musical contributions can be found on hundreds of albums from some of the most accredited names in the music business. Pevar has a home studio where he also composes for film and television and recorded and produces many artists throughout the world. He recently completed a solo album recorded in the Oregon Caves called “From the Core”.

Inger Jorgensen is the lead vocalist and co-founder the band ZEPDRIX, and she sings the Zeppelin material. She is a professional artist who has also worked as a vocalist and songwriter or over 20 years, performing with multiple projects throughout Northern California and Oregon as a leading and back-up vocalist and harmony singer. Jorgensen has a soulful voice and sings in many styles including Blues, Rock, Folk, R&B and Funk. She founded the Oregon Funk project, LOVEBITE. She co-writes with Jeff Pevar in their original music project playing theaters, clubs and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest and East Coast as well as multiple trips touring Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.

Jeff just completed a 6-week tour in Europe with David Crosby. Immediately following the tour, Inger & Jeff performed in Italy for their own 2-week duet tour, playgoing in Florence, Milan, Rome, & Venice.

The other members include some of the Rogue Valleys finest, Guitarist Paul Turnipseed, Drummer Matthew Kriemelman and Bassist Nick Kirby.




Saturday, Oct 6


10:00 am - 11:15 am

As a founding member of the Celtic, Tribal band BROTHER, Angus toured the world, recording seventeen albums and a DVD along the way. You may have seen BROTHER on the hit TV series ‘ER’, or heard their music on the classic Baraka soundtrack. An episode of UPN’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ was written around one of their songs. Often cited as a trailblazer of the indie scene, BROTHER was the only independent band to play The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Visiting Scotland with the band every Spring for the last six years on the wildly successful BRONACH tours, Angus discovered his Celtic heritage in a way he'd never imagined. Finding a fascinating connection between his own wanderings and the Celtic myths and histories, Angus has created a captivating show like no other.



11:30 am - 12:45 pm

1thirdseven bw

'Third Seven' consists of Billy Mickelson. He has played music his entire life but has been performing music professionally full time since 2008, consistently traveling in and with a number of bands. 'Mr Potato', 'Larry and his Flask', and 'Dela Project' to name a few.
As of late, Billy has been focusing his efforts to his solo work, 'Third Seven'. He has recieved such reviews as: "the world desperately needs the music of 'Third Seven' in their lives." .. and .. 'Third Seven' is 'Tom Waits' and 'Zoe Keating's love child." .. performing all around the world (Europe and beyond..) and opening for many acts including Ted X, Murder by Death, the Devil Makes Three, Larry and his Flask, and Yard Dogs Road Show to name just a few..


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Adam Knight is a singer/songwriter raised on the backroads of Southern Oregon where he grew up listening to Soul, R&B, and Americana Acoustic music. Adam is a versatile performer equally singing Pop, Neo Soul, Electronic R&B, and Acoustic. Adam has received awards for singing and dancing such as Southern Oregon Idol's first place award in 2010 as well as a golden ticket to Hollywood for American Idol in 2007. He has competed nationally in dance as well, winning the North Bay Strut and Step competition in 2015. His ability to sing, write and dance makes him a triple threat in the music business. Adam often works with producer JB Orion who co-wrote the songs "I've Got The Gold" and "Walking Backwards" with Adam. "I've Got The Gold" was discovered by Casual Jam Records out of the U.K and the song was later signed to the record label. "I've Got The Gold" was released in 2017 and later produced four remixes that went international quickly.

Adam Knight bw

221 FLY

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


221FLY is an original rock band from Southern Oregon, USA. The band’s music is an eclectic and original mix that harkens some familiar sounds, yet pushes sonic boundaries teetering delicately between the worlds of their many influences; Rock, progressive rock, southern rock and blues.

The band's broad range of musical influences and style has opened the door for them to share the stage with performers such as Quarter Flash, Firefall, Y&T, Eddie Money and playing at events that included Lucas Nelson and Collective Soul.

The band's third album release from August 2017, "Tabula Rasa", was a substantial turning point in the band's musical style. The album has brought new life and an edge to their sound that has catapulted their popularity with streaming plays and sales in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the Philippines.


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Despite their brotherhood, Aaron and Phil Reed didn’t start playing music together until two years ago after Phil left their hometown of St. Charles, Missouri to join Aaron in the unsullied mountains of the American Northwest. The brothers' family blend of folk encapsulates the grit and humor of Midwest life with the swagger and serenity of the west coast. Their style evokes finger picking folk singers of the 60’s and 70’s with a contemporary and boundless edge. Cultivated from years of performing in bands ranging from heavy metal to reggae and rock, to punk, country, and funk, their musical dichotomy is at the root of their diverse yet seamless folk-brand.

With their comedic brotherly banter, impeccable harmonic expression, and widely varying influences, a Brothers Reed performance will have you reflecting on lost lives and lovers, laughing hysterically and leaving completely entertained.


Sunday, Oct 7


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Jeremy James Meyer is a renaissance man, a builder, and a seeker. Born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon; he would attend folk music and dance camps up and down the West coast. Steeped in sea shanties, and old-time, ballads and ragtime, he developed a taste for the folk arts. As an aspiring songwriter, making the transition was natural when he set down the violin, at age 14, to pick up the guitar. By his early twenties, he had begun taking on a more calculated approach to songwriting; and, as young folk are wont, when equipped with tools, instruments and a mind keen to roam, he hit the road. Traveling throughout the Western and Southern states.

The road is never straight, and in some cases, barely paved. Through the ups and downs, Jeremy has been finding clarity in his voice. As a writer, he seeks out feeling and sensation in a song. To dwell in its matter, and absorb and regurgitate the most rudimentary and personal aspects. As a guitar player, he has honed his style into a well blended caricature of Americana, pulling influences from country, ragtime, blues and folk to soul, hip-hop, and rock n' roll.


12:45 pm - 2:00 pm

Allen Giardinelli has been playing music for 3 decades throughout 35 countries. He grew up performing and traveling the world with his musician parents, his father a producer/songwriter for European RCA and his mother a classical violinist with an abiding interest in rock, blues, and jazz. Al began performing at a young age, both in the recording studio and on stage, and by the time he was in his early teens he'd acquired a proficiency in multiple musical genres, playing music full time and also touring with several rock and blues bands.

Al discovered and developed a consuming interest in gypsy jazz, particularly the music of Django Reinhardt. Today Al has melded this interest with his lifelong love of Mississippi Delta blues to develop a unique style of his own, tinged with rock and Americana influences. He is an accomplished songwriter, arranger, and composer producing albums for his fellow musicians at Cymatic Sound Studios in Bandon, Oregon, where he can also be found performing in spare moments at Angelo's Italy.



2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

Nu Mustard collage bw

The band now known as Mustard is the evolution of the Colonel Mustard line-up now that the Colonel has retired. Mustard members are B Wishes, Johnny Trujillo, David Matthieu, and new guitarist extraodinaire Jack Hopfinger. With a wicked combination of infectious cover tunes and fresh original material, Mustard never fails to bring the party and keep it spicy!


3:45 pm - 5:00 pm