Rogue Music Theatre

Since its beginning in 1982, ROGUE MUSIC THEATRE has worked to provide the greater Grants Pass area with quality musical theatre at an affordable price. Our commitment to the community has provided young and old, learners and experienced stage performers, with the opportunity to participate in local musical theatre on a grand scale.

Over the years, one constant has remained: the outdoor stage experience. Every year except 2009, when the Rogue Community College Concert Bowl was in the middle of major renovation, the summer venue has been the RCC Concert Bowl. As much as we loved the ambiance and uniqueness of the RCC Bowl, in 2013 we opted for the sophistication, superb lighting and full sound provided by The Performing Arts Center at Grants Pass High School (830 NE 9th Street, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526). We so appreciate the helpful, competent staff and high caliber amenities of this wonderful venue.

In true entertainment fashion, some productions have found their way to the stage more than once – for instance, The Wizard of Oz was produced in 1990 and again in 2010; for many years A Christmas Carol enjoyed, shall we say, an annual visitation.

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