september, 2018

29sep9:00 am5:00 pmHealthy Food Festival - 4th Annual


Event Details

Pure water and healthy food are essential for individuals who are recovering from illness and from substance abuse. The festival is designed to help bring awareness to these issues and to promote a healthy food system and healthy eating habits for all of us.

Nutrition & Learning
Educational Program & Festival
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Food Demos & Samples
Activities for all ages
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KEY NOTE: FOOD AS MEDICINE: How Food Contributes To Or Prevents Disease
Dr. Andrew Erlandsen, ND, National University for Nutritional Medicine
“Come learn how nutrition contributes to or prevents disease. Research suggests that diet is the number one modifiable risk factor in the prevention of disease. Explore how food can influence inflammation, the root cause of many chronic health conditions. We will also examine the impact of our environment on food choice and identify avenues to improve well-being.”

Dr. Steven Rotter, MD, Tree of Life Healthcare, Grace Roots
“Discover how what you eat directly affects your ability to recover from substance abuse, addiction, and mental/health challenges. Learn what foods can support you and what kind of foods hinder your process.”

Dr. Jon Chambers, DC, The Chiropractic NeuroClinic
“Learn how foods can help to manage neurological disorders and how some kinds of foods can trigger episodes with children who suffer from ADHD or are on the Autism Spectrum.”

KEEP YOUR MARBLES: Prevent Alzheimer’s and More
Your Game Plan for a Healthy Brain
Dr. John Kalb, DC, Kalb Chiropractic Health Center
“With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, more and more of us are becoming concerned about brain health. Fortunately, the brain is the most adaptable organ in the body, but only if its owner makes the right choices.”

Dean Williamson, PhD, The Farm @ SOU
“Discover how a simple shared garden can bring vibrant health to a community. Collective gardening supports individual and community health.”

RAISING BRAVE CHILDREN: Food Choices for Children
Asha Deliverance, Mother & Founder Pacific Domes
“Asha shares how she raised her children, and their friends, to be brave and compassionate leaders with raw juices and smoothies. Asha’s dear son, Taliesin Namkai– Meche, a brave soul who gave his life on the Portland MAX train last year while defending two young women of color. Fresh food choices were a major part of Asha’s parenting.”

SCIENCE OF BREATH: Nourish Your Vagus Nerve
Andras Maros, Heartist in Resonance, Peace Production
“Learn how simple breathing techniques and ancient wisdom will restore the Vagus Nerve in our bodies. This most vital nerve is responsible for managing the Autonomic Nervous System, and its malfunction is the source of all stress related disease. New research shows this practice will restore the Vagus Nerve and your health.”

Dennis Ellingson, Author, God’s Healing Herbs
Dennis is an herbalist and serves in Christian ministry. He grows an abundance of herbs and other plants, and he loves to be out in the fields, forests, and deserts of the West, foraging for all God has provided.


(Saturday) 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Grants Pass High School

830 NE 9th St