Live Kind

How We Inspire Kindness

By Tori Francis

Live Kind - Two Birds

My Kind of Hometown

This Sunday was National Random Acts of Kindness Day and it got me thinking back on how kind the people of Grants Pass have been to me over the years.

I moved here my senior year of high school, but, with how inviting the community has been to me, I wholeheartedly consider this my hometown.

As I walked downtown this week, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for how kind this community has been. I have countless memories of shopping downtown and being greeted with a friendly face of a store owner.

Shop Local, Shop Friendly

Simply put, shopping downtown Grants Pass is a special experience. The kind that inspires. And each shop you walk through seems to have its own way of inspiring you.

You can stop by Fiona Bean for some style and encouragement. And turn the corner into Wild Rogue Emporium for a dose of creative joy. Stop by Blind George's and all the charming antique shops for a step back in time. Enjoy the family-feel of Powderhorn Cafe. And meet some of the friendliest baristas at any of the Dutch Bros stands...I could go on and on!

Clothes Shopping

"Each shop seems to have its own way of inspiring you."

Generosity in our Midst

My biggest inspiration from downtown is found in the kind faces. When someone is kind to you, it inspires you to pass along that kindness to others.

I was shopping recently at The Closet Catalyst during one of their fill-a-bag sales. The owner was working that day, and she was so friendly and attentive. Then she went above and beyond. Right when I was checking out, my mom happened to find just a few more shirts to add to our already-full bag. And, without hesitation, the store owner offered to fit them in! The whole experience brought on flashbacks of me sitting on my suitcase before a long trip. But, more memorable than anything that day was her kindness and generosity. As we left, we were inspired...ready to spread kindness to others we met as we continued to walk around!

A Kind Community

The smallest act of kindness can spark so much more. And the way our community is connected makes it so easy to spread kindness.

I remember when Star Wars made a come back a few years ago. Rebel Bricks rented out a theater and sold tickets for us geeky locals to come, dress up, and watch it opening day. I bought tickets for our group of friends and, the day of, one of them couldn't make it. I simply gave the extra ticket to someone who needed it, but by how much he appreciated it, you would've thought I had done some grandiose act. I felt so rewarded!


"Our community makes it so easy to spread kindness."

The Power of Kindness

Kindness doesn't take much effort, but it can make a world of difference! I'm so grateful for everyone in this community that promotes the spirit of kindness. As you go about your week, don't forget to slow down and appreciate kindnesses you've received recently or over the years. Even share it with others! Who knows? Maybe your story will inspire yet another kindness here in Grants Pass...