Shop Local This Holiday Season

Gift-giving can be stressful. Let's change that.

The holiday season is too often known as being a busy time of year. While many look forward to the decorations and traditions, they also dread the endless shopping list and crowds. The solution? Shop small and support local businesses.

Candy Canes and Christmas Decorations
Christmas Presents and Lights Decorations

Where You Shop Makes a Difference

If you’re going to spend money regardless, take a moment to think about where it’s going. Shopping online and at box stores offers a convenience and frugality that you may not find elsewhere, but it takes away from those local shops that bring charm to a town. When you shop local, your money goes directly back into the community where you live. It supports the families that offer you unique stores and restaurants, like the ones you take your guests to when they come visit. You see who you’re supporting when you hand your payment over the counter.

What You Buy Sends a Message

When you buy a one-of-a-kind, handmade item from a local crafter, you give a gift that goes deeper than what you see. The items placed on the shelves of small businesses were intentionally picked to offer you something special. The handcrafted items are a result of a passion to share one’s creativity and provide you with a unique gift. Imagine watching your loved ones unwrap the present with awed curiosity and inviting them into the story of our town, our shops, our artisans. It wasn’t just ordered with a click, but picked out intentionally and specifically for them.

Happy Holidays Sign
Magical Murals and Decorations

When You Shop, You Could Win!

Shopping downtown in itself is a fun experience. If you need to tackle that shopping list of gifts, it becomes the perfect excuse to browse the shops. When you need to rest, stop at one of the delicious restaurants for a meal - then get a gift card to go and check off one of your gift items. PLUS during Shop Dine & Win, you can earn chances to win cash and prizes with purchases you planned to make anyway! For every $10 or more that you spend at a participating merchant, you get a scratch off card that’s eligible for an Instant Win or entry into the Cash Giveaway. Instant Winners receive a gift card of random value from one of the participating merchants. Cash prizes include five $200 prizes and the grand prize of $1,000!


So when you’re ready to shop, remember to shop small. Avoid the stress and crowds, support our local businesses, and get a chance to win some money back!