A Downtown Stroll

Experience the Grants Pass Historic District

Inside of The Haul

The Heart of Our Town is Downtown

Shopping in downtown Grants Pass is not a get-what-you-need-and-get-out type of place. It’s an attraction in itself, drawing in tourists and locals alike. It is brimming with treasures, stories and charm. It is our Historic District, representing our roots. When you come downtown, allow yourself to slow down and explore the shops, stop for coffee and settle in for a meal. Because when you’re downtown, it’s all about the experience.

As you drive in, find a parking spot along the street or in a public lot. Don’t worry, no parking meters here. Pick a starting point and begin your downtown exploration. If you want a little direction on what to do or where to go, we invite you to pop into the Downtown Welcome Center at 6th & G. Whether you’re a first time visitor or have lived here your whole life, the staff is ready to assist you. Grab a map of the Historic District and learn some history about the buildings as you walk around. Find some brochures about attractions in the area. Check out the community board filled with upcoming events. There’s even a public restroom for your convenience.

Couple at Rogue Roasters
Downtown Welcome Center

"We value our community and supporting local."

As you walk along the streets, you’ll find shops filled with clothes and accessories, souvenirs and unique trinkets, local and handmade goods, beauty products and so much more. For you antique lovers, our antique stores will keep you browsing for hours. What better way to lose track of time? And for you art lovers, we have outstanding art galleries displaying pieces from local, regional and international artists. Whether you’re looking for gifts for others or something for yourself, our merchants have you covered. When you’re ready to rest your legs for a bit, stop at a coffee shop or bakery to refuel. If it’s lunch or dinner time, choose from Italian to Thai to Mexican cuisine. There’s food for every palate.

Gallery One Admiring Art
Family and Dining Downtown

"Watches and time constraints are allowed, but not recommended."

We love our downtown businesses and merchants. We value our community and supporting local. Many of the shops are family-owned and operated. Because of that, you’ll find one-of-a-kind products stemming from a desire for them to be shared. If you stop and chat with them, you’ll learn why Sandi loves making candy and why Misti opened up a store filled with legos. You can see glass being melted and blown into beautiful vases by passionate artists at The Glass Forge. You can even get a haircut or beard trim by the stylish Rogue Barbers. We cherish the stories, both past and present, that give life to our town.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you want to shop, dine or play, come downtown. Watches and time constraints are allowed, but not recommended.