Art Along the Rogue 2018

Street Painting & Music Festival

When art and music come together, it’s a wonderful thing.

Art Along the Rogue Street Painting & Music Festival has become the premiere street painting and music festival in the Northwest, combining visual and performance art that is sure to please spectators of all ages. It started in 2003 when a group of locals came together, wanting to showcase and celebrate the arts in our community. It continues to grow in popularity each year, drawing in crowds from all around the area.

Art Along the Rogue encourages all ages to participate. We have local, regional and national artists who return year after year to have fun and share their artistic flair.

Street Painting
Fortunes Folly on Stage

"A weekend that engages all the senses!"

What To Expect

Let’s set the stage for what you will experience.

We’ve just entered the fall season and the leaves are turning bright reds and yellows, splashing the sidewalks with color. Artists begin laying the foundation for their chalk creations with simple lines on the asphalt. The first band starts setting up and doing their sound checks. Families stroll around with anticipation of what’s to come.

Then something magical happens.

The simple lines come together in just the right ways and the artists meld the colors to make their masterpieces pop. Suddenly, the street transforms into a sea of pictures! As your eyes take in the artwork, your ears hear the band pick up speed. You may feel your feet tapping in step as you walk. Don’t be surprised if you end up dancing your way to the stage for a set of songs! To further indulge your senses, follow your nose to our culinary section for a mouthwatering lunch. Once your stomach is filled, browse the local vendors for a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

If you have kids getting restless, we have small squares available for purchase where they can contribute their own chalk art to the scene! And that’s just day one. Come back the next day for a repeat, but see the artists complete their work and hear a whole new lineup of music. It’s too good to miss and one day just isn’t enough! The whole event takes place in the heart of our Historic District, which means there are plenty of shops, bakeries and restaurants to explore throughout the weekend.

Street Painter
Chalk Squares

"The artists and musicians at this event never disappoint."

When & Where

Each year has a theme that is suggested to the artists. This year, the theme is “Wild & Scenic” as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rogue River receiving the distinctive designation from Congress as a Wild & Scenic river. It is always amazing to see the interpretations portrayed by the artists!

The event this year kicks off Friday, October 5th during First Friday Live with a concert at 5th & H Streets at 6pm, plus featured art, music and specials at our downtown businesses. Then the event continues Saturday and Sunday in the same location. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you there!