Dassh Bakery

Featuring artisan baked breads, pastries, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, breakfast and lunch menu, deli service and catering. Using natural, organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Proudly serving Mellelo Coffee Roasters.

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Bluestone Bakery opened in 2003 as a coffeehouse and has since evolved into something bigger and better. We now serve everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to beer on tap! One thing we’ve never compromised on is quality, and we’re always finding ways to expand our value to the community. Bluestone Bakery is a family-owned…

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Babe’s Bakery

At Babe’s Bakery we look at food differently. With a variety of specialty pastries like our bacon pesto turnovers and seasonal fruit scones, we are the premium destination in Grants Pass for fresh food baked and prepared daily. Join us for lunch and enjoy a world-famous sandwich on a fresh personal loaf of bread, or…

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