Film Office

The Grants Pass Film Office is your ultimate resource for everything you need to film in Grants Pass and Josephine County.

 ▪ Location Assistance

 ▪ Information regarding technical crews, talent, accommodations and local services

 ▪ Coordination and facilitation of filming at city, state, and private properties

 ▪ Assistance with film permitting

 ▪ Liaison between production company, community and government agencies

Top Reasons to Film in Grants Pass and Josephine County

 ▪ Film-friendly community

 ▪ Some of Southern Oregon’s best climate conditions

 ▪ 10-12 hour shoot days 6 months of the year

 ▪ It's the Climate! - Four relatively mild seasons

 ▪ Diverse ecology – mountains, forests, rivers, creeks, farm lands, historic district, diverse residential neighborhoods, and industrial sites

 ▪ Helpful staff in the Grants Pass Film Office

Grants Pass Tourism / Film Office 


Jon Bowen